About Me

Hi my name is April and with this post I am now officially a blogger. So the assumption being that I have things to say and that someone out there actually wants to listen. In reality I have always wanted to write a book. And perhaps like most people with the dream of being a best-selling author, I grew up, tucked away the dream and put it squarely on a shelf marked “maybe next year”. And as the years go by, the jobs come and go, the children grow up (or in my case one wonderfully bright son) my eyes dart over to the shelf more often, linger a little longer and I realize there are about as many next years left as have gone by.

So, instead of the forever-next-year-book. I am starting the today-blog. But then the question becomes what do I write about? I am into a little bit of EVERYTHING. I have been a corporate career person, a working mother, a stay at home mother, a doting wife, an angry wife, a child with two parents, an adult with only one. (okay now I’m crying) I am an older sister to an amazing woman and Aunt April to a multitude of nephews and nieces, some related by blood some related only by LOVE.

For the most part I have led an incredible life. I have traveled the world backpacking as a crazy post grad student and then with my wonderful hubby and child (suitcases with wheels are an amazing invention). I have had the opportunity to work for some amazing companies with some amazing people (and some not so amazing people, but you know how that goes) and have set myself up quite nicely for that second half of what’s to come.

Now what? That’s the question I’ve been asking myself for the past 2 ½ years since moving here to Denver, Colorado. I made the decision to the dismay of my husband, to stay at home and get us settled in and enjoy a little sabbatical. Really, I just wanted to ski (a lot) and just get out of the rat race, maybe meet some new people in this new town. Reinvent myself…hmm?

There is just something about Colorado, maybe it’s the thin air that makes us all think we’re invincible and can be and do anything. (Cue the jokes about the booming marijuana industry) But really when in Rome, I thought why not do something totally unexpected. Remember you’re talking about a grown woman, who doesn’t drink, doesn’t smoke and never did drugs (except for the Oxycodine post child birth because dang that big headed baby did some damage). I had a friend who mentioned that CBD was an up and coming skincare ingredient, sorta like vitamin E and alpha hydroxy and collagen all having their moments, CBD from cannabis was the next big thing. ME: (like many of you I assume) soooo I get high putting on a moisturizer? I don’t do that kind of thing, I’m a GOOD Girl (*okay fine, GOOD GenXer!)

Not that kind of Cannabis, Girl. It’s the kind that doesn’t have THC, THC that’s in marijuana is the stuff that gets you high. Ok, I’m intrigued, still sounds edgy and I have no desire to enter into Pot Head territory. I’m an analyst, so I dive into the research. Guess what? This stuff has been around since the dawn of time in a non-psychoactive form. It’s been used for its healing properties, reducing pain and inflammation and bringing overall wellness to a person’s being. And you don’t get high!

So I wanted to start a blog about what else?  CBD – Cannabidiol, from the perspective of a non scientist, wife and mother who’s getting older and isn’t so appreciative of the age spots. Welcome to the beginning of a beautiful Non-Psychoactive journey to learning about CBD. The good the bad, the regulations, and the most fun part for me and informative for you– trying all the skincare products out there now!