CANNUKA CBD Nourishing Body Cream

I chose to start CANNUKA’S CBD Nourishing Body Cream as my first product review because it’s pretty approachable. The packaging is clean and their little bee logo is adorable. It’s also widely available now as it was accepted into Ulta recently and that gives it broach reach across the nation.

Their entire line has a core of Cannabis, Bees Wax and Manuka Honey. Yes Manuka Honey is having its moment as well in the health and beauty world. Very smart combo by this company. As a result the smell is quite lovely. It’s a bit sweet from the honey and then they have added some grapefruit extract to add a little hint of a citrus.

There is no smell of the traditional hemp, most likely due to the fact that the CBD in here comes from isolates, which is the crystallized form of CBD. There are pros and cons to using isolates in a product which I’ll go into further on a future blog.

It comes in a pump bottle, which I am learning is pretty important when it comes to product freshness and making sure you’re not contaminating the product by sticking your fingers in a jar. On a side note, a lot of jarred products now come with a little applicator of sorts to avoid this issue.

It has a creamy yellow tint and goes on quite smoothly. No greasiness at all, which is pretty impressive. This could be one of the pros of using a CBD isolate vs oil – I have to research further! And it instantly has a matte finish, so you don’t have to wait for it to “dry”. You can pick up a piece of paper with print on it right away with causing smears. So a nice option to keep in your desk at work.

I will note that even after a few minutes it does seem to “sit” on your skin. I believe that is the bees wax and honey effect. Creates a barrier that has a tiny bit of stickiness to it. But my hands look fabulous! All those little cracks and dry skin patches gone. And because of this I actually think my hands look younger!

This product is definitely worth a try. And the price is under $30 for 3.2oz (Bonus! You can take it as a carry on for your next trip!) This is a very easy way to try a CBD product for the very first time.

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