Don’t be afraid to demand CBD test results!

I am writing this blog post out of frustration. There are so many new brands in this space and we as a community are learning new information on the daily about CBD. How it effects our bodies and our mental state. How we should be dosing, the growing number of ways to use CBD and how sourcing matters! And as a consumer how we should be evaluating which companies to trust when buying CBD products.

I recently had a terrible experience with a company. It’s woman owned, and if you have seen any of my journey on IG, you know that I love supporting women owned businesses where there are so many #bossbabes blazing the trail and making it happen! So it really saddened me to have such a negative experience with this individual.

Because I have a following on IG, I have people asking me all the time, what my favorite CBD brands are and what I would recommend they use for topicals as well as ingestibles. I don’t have a huge following, but I do feel like I owe it to those who trust me, to do my due diligence when researching companies and products to do honest reviews and make recommendations.

I had someone in my IG community ask about a certain brand. Having never used the brand, I reached out to that company and asked the most basic question you should ask any CBD company worth their salt; “Do you provide COA (certificate of analysis) on your products or any third party testing? My question I believe went directly to the founder, as she responded quickly that she would be happy to provide those, and then asked for MY credentials. Published articles, degrees, certificates, etc.

I thought that was a little unusual, as no other company had asked me that question before. And I informed her that I was a new CBD beauty blogger and was enjoying learning and sharing out to the community. And before making any recommendations, I like to learn and do research. And would be happy for her to share anything to further my education. Rather than point me to an article, or even her own company’s website. She chose to mock me and my “whole three months” of experience. And said she wouldn’t provide any information unless I made a purchase as per policy and regulation.

At that point I thought, hmm maybe I said something to offend? So I forwarded the exchange to another blogger who read it and who’s spidey senses prickled. She said to ask for credentials probably was ok, but to be so completely defensive about COA’s was highly suspect and she was probably hiding something. Whether or not she was actually hiding anything is so beyond the point now. You as the founder should know that you represent your company at all times. As a consumer or a blogger who is interested in your company I have every right to ask for verifiable documentation PRIOR to purchase.

Run don’t walk away from companies who treat you like this from the get go! As I mentioned there are so many great companies out there right now, trying to do the right thing. And providing excellent customer service in addition to excellent products. Companies who will be transparent with you and make you feel comfortable about using CBD products maybe or the first time ever. Find those and support those companies!!

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