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I was in serious need of a massage last week and LoDo Massage here in Denver offers 5 different types of CBD enhancement using CBD lotions from Apothecanna, a local Colorado company. Apothecanna has a storefront here as well that I am going to go check out and see if they can help me expand on my CBD knowledge! You can pick depending on what your level of need is and what you want to focus on. It’s like picking between Swedish and Deep Tissue. Both good, but sometimes you just need a little more or a little less pressure.

  1. Extra Strength – for stubborn aches and stiff joints
  2. Circulating – waking up your body and senses
  3. Calming – letting go of the day
  4. Relieving – Achy parts and sore joints
  5. Everyday – upping your skin game

For my massage with Maret, I picked Extra strength as I needed something a little stronger after 2 intense Barre classes this week! I asked Maret ( who had a lovely accent from Estonia – but don’t tell her I told you because she said NO ONE guesses where she’s from ) what percentage of her customers were asking for CBD as part of their service. And I was only slightly surprised to hear it was over 85%. She said that the only ones asking for non CBD lotion at this point were people in industries where they get drug tested often, like pilots and people in security.

Even though the lotions they use from Apothecanna contain less than .3% THC, if your job depends on it, better safe than sorry. CBD & THC also have a cumulative effect in your system. So the more you use, the more it will stick around.

Lodo Massage has a large selection of massage therapists, from classic to holistic to ones that will literally walk on your back. Maret was so skilled, really incorporating all different types of massage techniques to customize to what I needed and extra strength CBD lotion from @apothecanna was a perfect add for my post barre workout soreness! Go check them out at either of their Denver locations!

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