My totally legal and curious foray into the world of CBD

There is so much confusion and so many misconceptions in the info sphere right now about what CBD is and isn’t. Is it legal is it not legal. Is it WEED??? I’d like to take you on a journey with me as I learn more about this fascinating subject. As a quick aside if you didn’t read my “about me” post. My name is April and I recently moved to Denver with my family after an amazing career in the corporate world where I was a brand manager and analyst. So my background is in research, data analysis, business consulting and product development. I love learning new things and CBD skin care is my latest obsession! I’m not a scientist but an enthusiast, so I’ll try to break things down as I understand them.

CBD (cannabidiol) in skin care has been a thing for 1,000 years but only returned to the mainstream recently and hence the beginning of my journey. I’ve had eczema most of my life. Worse when I eat seafood (but just try to stop me) and when I touch anything green and growing (I enjoy gardening, go figure). I’ve always been able to control outbreaks with some sort of topical steroid. And as long as you use it sparingly it’s alright, but in general long term use of steroids is NOT a good thing.

I had a friend tell me that she had been using CBD oil directly on her eczema for awhile now and it was the ONLY thing that worked for her. Hmmm… intrigued. So I started to do some research and found a TON of information out there around CBD. And I quickly became overwhelmed with the amount of information and misinformation floating in the info sphere. It was mainly on the ingestible benefits but the quickly burgeoning side of topicals as well.

I didn’t find a resource that collected and distilled what was out there. What was happening in the beauty space, studies that were being done on efficacy (aka does it work?) and of course the legality. And just to put your mind at rest, CBD oil is completely legal (federally) to purchase across all states, AS LONG AS it contains less than .3% THC. But the rules are changing constantly so I’ll try to help keep you up to date!

I decided we needed a curated safe space. A place to learn without having to enter a pot shop, or having to type in cannabis in your search engine (because work place, right)? And thus a blog was born (mazel tov!)

Let me share with you my experience purchasing my very first CBD product. It was in a little neighborhood at a house with a converted store front and bakery signage. Though it was all legal, I felt very clandestine, entering Flora’s Mercantile to make my first purchase. My friend who had brought me there, introduced me to the owner. And I would say she was a perfect stereotype for what I was expecting to see in a “pot shop” owner. Quirky, hippie, loved the business, but enjoyed ‘the business’ if you know what I mean. Needless to say I felt a little out of place.

But she was a sweetheart and wealth of knowledge on the benefits and business of CBD oil. She showed us her tinctures (for ingestion) and her facial oil made from a combination of rose hip oil and CBD oil. I bought a bottle of each and we went on our way. So did it work on my eczema? Of course it did, but let’s elevate and educate. Please come back to learn exactly what CBD is, and why its making waves in the skin care world (and why it worked on my eczema).

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