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The most amazing CBD body wrap and cbd facial with a Gua Sha stone you’ll ever have! I literally had a family member tell me I look like I’m 25, uhm I’m 47, People! I would say that ventures into the miracle realm of facial treatments.

Emily is known as the Ganja Aesthetician. She grew up with a homeopathic mother and has always been interested in natural healing. It was of course the perfect combo when Color Up Therapeutics called her up for a collab! She has been helping to guide the formulation of many of their CBD infused products.

She used a number of different Color Up Therapeutic products on me, including the CBD salve on my body (normally she uses the massage oil, but it has grapeseed oil, which I might be slightly sensitive to) and CBD moisturizer on my face and some of their award wining dark circle under eye cream. The benefits of CBD are ten fold, but eduction of inflamation is primary, and for massage or a wrap like I did, there are pain reduction benefits as well.

And the kicker was the Gua Sha facial. If you’ve never heard of Gua Sha, it is a stone (mine was rose quartz) that is used to massage facial and neck muscles. It also stimulate lymphatic movement, so all the lymph nodes start working to take away toxins out of the body. I’m guessing there must have been quite a few toxins in my face to take away 20 years of aging! If you’re concerned about all the rubbing of stone on your delicate facial skin, even though it itsmooth, Emily said not to be concerned as long as you are using a good oil or moisturizer so it glides over your skin and doesn’t tug at it in any way.

I asked about her clientele and she said that everyone knows that she specializes in CBD massage and skin treatments, so doesn’t really get clients anymore who don’t want CBD. And if you are trying CBD for the first time, Emily is amazing! She is a warm and caring individual who will walk you through the entire process and make you feel more enlightened, just being around her.

If I could afford to have a Gua Sha CBD facial everyday – I WOULD!! Even though it’s a treat, I would recommend it to anyone, and you leave there feeling younger and glowing and with a lasting feeling of knowing that you’ve done something really good for yourself. to book with Emily to learn more about their entire line and CBD infused skincare

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