The Ohm in Ohm Beauty

It’s a play on words.

  • Ohm sounds like OM, the powerful mantra from meditation practice that brings you internal awareness and balance.
  • Ohm is also from Ohm’s Law, a fundamental law of electricity which shows the relationship between voltage, current and resistance.
  • And last but not least OH is part of the chemical structure that makes up CBD (Cannabidiol).

Bring them all together and you have a concept that I like to call CBD’s powerful science based ability to bring balance to the body.

Welcome to the beginning of a beautiful Non-Psychoactive journey to learning about CBD skin care. The good the bad, the regulations, and the most fun part for me and informative for you– reviewing all the skincare products and spa treatments out there now!

If you liked this intro, please go read the About Me and get to know me better!

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